CUPE 3902, Unit 3 Employee and Dependent Special Circumstances Fund

The Employee and Dependant Special Circumstances Fund ($50,000 annually) is intended to address urgent special circumstances resulting in financial hardship facing Unit 3 bargaining unit employees and their dependants, under the following two categories. Completed forms must be submitted by email to

1. Urgent Medical Needs
Apply to the Fund: Complete the medical needs application form

Urgent medical needs will be subject to the following:

  • The Fund does not cover regular recurring medical expenses, but will assist with urgent and unanticipated medical expenses.
  • The employee will have to demonstrate that the expense has already been submitted to any other plan (self or spouse/dependant) to which the employee has access including the employee’s HCSA, and that the amount being submitted was not covered. Employees who have not registered already for their HCSA allocation will not be eligible to apply for emergency medical expense reimbursement. Employees meeting these conditions will apply directly to the University on a prescribed form and submit with supporting documentations to a dedicated email account in Human Resources. On a regular basis, the University will adjudicate whether such claims meet the criteria for an additional allocation to the member’s HCSA. If so, an additional allocation of up to the lesser of the amount requested or $1,000 will be made to the employee’s HCSA in the month following. The claim for the health expense itself would be submitted through GreenShield for review and reimbursement once the additional HCSA allocation has been completed.

2. Urgent non-Medical Needs
Apply to the Fund: Complete the non-medical needs application form

The University will accept applications to the fund for urgent non-medical needs in a prescribed format, sent directly to a dedicated email account in Human Resources. Applications under this provision will be assessed jointly with the Union on a monthly basis to determine whether the request aligns with the intent of the program to assist members with urgent non-medical needs (e.g. emergency child-care, urgent housing issues etc.).

The Fund excludes support of the following payments:

  • Tuition, professional development and other educational expenses
  • The purchase of computer equipment, electronic devices, appliances, vehicles, and other similar items
  • The repair of computer equipment, electronic devices, appliances, vehicles, and other similar items
  • Recurring health expenses
  • Regular living expenses
  • Utility bill payments
  • Ongoing child care
  • Contract expiry or costs related to seasonal or reduced employment
  • Vacation related expenses
  • Credit card payments or other forms of debt servicing
  • Pet related expenses, except for those related to service animals

The University will accept applications from eligible members of the bargaining unit for such urgent non-medical needs and will meet on a regular (monthly) basis to determine whether to approve the claim, and determine the payment amount, normally not to exceed $1,000 per person per claim, as well as the nature of the payment so as to facilitate the determination of tax treatment. Approved amounts will then be paid to the employee in the specified amount through the payroll system. In making application to the Fund for non-medical needs, employees acknowledge that any payment received may, and most likely will, be subject to legislative deductions including CPP/EI and income tax.

At the end each plan year (September 1 to August 31), monies not spent will be carried forward to the Fund for the following year.

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