Faculty & Librarians: Educational Assistance Programs

In order to provide you with opportunities for personal and career development, the University offers financial assistance to faculty and librarians who want to further their formal education.

Staff Tuition Waiver

This benefit is available for all full-time faculty and librarians and for part-time faculty and librarians who work 20 hours (55%) or more and who have completed three years of service.

Tuition fees are waived if you want to take a:

  • Part-time University of Toronto degree course up to and including a Master’s. For Master’s level programs, the tuition waiver is limited to the part-time program fee per academic year or the course fee, whichever is less. Effective July 1, 2015, the faculty and librarian tuition waiver benefit will be modified to cover part-time or flex-time U of T Ph. D.
  • Diploma or certificate program offered through Woodsworth College.
  • Course offered by the School of Continuing Studies to a maximum $500 per course.  You may take up to six (6) courses per academic year.
  • Courses should be taken outside of working hours. If a course is available only during work hours, you may enrol in one course at a time pending the approval of your Department Head and provided there is flexibility in your work schedule.

Access your Staff Tuition Waiver on the Forms page.

Courses Outside U of T

Following the successful completion of job-related courses at another recognized educational institution, the University will reimburse half the tuition provided that the program is pre-approved and not available at the University. These courses should be taken outside normal working hours.

Tuition Waiver for Dependants in Part-Time Studies

While some program exceptions may apply, the University will waive academic tuition fees for part-time studies for your eligible spouse and dependants, if you are actively employed at the University or retired from it. In the event of your death, the waiver remains in effect. This waiver applies to students who are working on a part-time basis towards their first undergraduate degree or certificate in a qualifying program and who have not previously received the Dependant Scholarship.

If your appointment is part-time, the waiver will be prorated according to your appointment.

The dependant tuition waiver benefit is no longer taxable.

Dependant Scholarship Program

This scholarship program is for your dependant child or spouse who has been accepted into full-time studies towards a first undergraduate degree at a post-secondary institution recognized by the University of Toronto for transfer credit purposes, or full-time studies at an Ontario College of Applied Arts and Technology or the Ontario College of Art and Design. The scholarship value is equal to one-half of the academic fees for five full courses in a general Arts & Science program at the University of Toronto.

The applicant must receive a minimum 75% average in their best six university or college level high school courses.

You must hold a regular full-time or part-time staff appointment during the academic session in which the scholarship application is made. For part-time employees, the scholarship amount will be prorated in accordance with your appointment. The tuition waiver program remains in effect for eligible dependants studying part-time at the University of Toronto.

The Dependant scholarship application form is available online as a writable pdf. For a paper copy, or if you have questions, please email Beth Lebans or call 416-978-5387.

Submit all applications and academic transcripts (if required) to:
Dependants Scholarship Program
Admissions and Awards
172 St. George Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5R 0A3