Child Care Benefit Plan: Online Application Instructions

With the online application process, the University of Toronto (U of T) no longer requires you to obtain the signature of your daycare provider before you submit your application. However, after the payout of this benefit, the University will audit a representative group of claims.

Should your application be selected for audit, you will be required to submit receipts or other acceptable forms of information to support the amount claimed.

What You Need to Apply Online

Before you begin the application, you should have:

  • Your child care provider’s information
  • All receipts and dates of child care for your claim

You will need to enter the daily rate for each month you are claiming the benefit.

If you pay a flat monthly fee, calculate the average daily rate based on the number of workdays in the month per the following chart for 2018

23 20 22 21 23 21 22 23 20 23 22 21

For example, If you paid a flat monthly fee of $1,400 in January 2018, you would input a daily rate of $60.87 since $1,400/23 =$60.87 (even if your child was absent for some of those days)

You will also need:

How to Access the Online Application Form

Please follow the login instructions as outlined on the Employee Self-Service (ESS) webpage and review their Frequently Asked Questions page.

  1. Log on to ESS
  2. On the Administrative Web Services landing page, click on the My HR Self-Service tab
  3. Answer the security question and click Continue
  4. Click on Pay & Benefit Information
  5. Select Child Care Benefit Plan to begin your application

This takes you to the Child Care Benefit application form.

Completing the Form

You will need to complete a separate online application for each eligible child and / or child care provider.

Mandatory Fields

All mandatory fields on the Child Care Benefit application form must be completed before you can continue.

  1. In the Employee Information box, select Edit Info
  2. Enter the information requested, including your daytime phone number and spouse’s personnel number (if your spouse is a U of T employee)
  3. Choose Save Info

Create a New Application

  1. In the Application Overview box, select New Application
  2. Enter your child’s information (first name, last name, date of birth)
  3. Enter the full name and phone number of your child care provider

Child Care Payment Information

Section A: Full Day(s) Child Care Expense (6 hours or more per day):

  1. Report the number of full days of care paid for by month
  2. Report the actual full-day rate paid to the child care provider by month
  3. Select Calculate to see the monthly total paid

Section B: Half-Day Child Care Expense (at least 4 hours but less than 6 hours per day):

  1. Report the number of half days of care paid for by month
  2. Report the actual half-day rate paid to the child care provider by month
  3. Select Calculate to see the monthly total paid

Saving & Reviewing Your Application

  1. Choose Save as Draft so that you are able to save and review your application before you submit it or return at a later time to continue filling in the information
  2. You will be redirected to the Application Overview screen where you can delete or complete a draft before submitting your final application
  3. Select Refresh List to view the current status of your application

From the Application Overview screen,

Submitting a Draft Application

  1. Tab over to the right of your screen
  2. Select Draft in the Status column of the Application Overview screen
  3. Select Submit for each individual application
  4. Send before the application deadline date

Your application will be forwarded to the Benefits team to be processed. An email confirmation will be sent to your email address.

Viewing Your Submission

  1. Hit the Refresh List button
  2. Choose Submit in the Status column

Exit the Application System

To exit the child care benefit application, tab to the top right of the screen and choose Log Off.