CUPE LOCAL 3261 – 89 Chestnut: Vacations & Leaves


Active employees shall be entitled to annual paid vacation in accordance with the following schedule:

Length of Service Vacation Entitlement
1 to 4 years 2 weeks
5 to 11 years 3 weeks
12 to 24 years 4 weeks
25 or more years 5 weeks

Pregnancy & Parental Leave

Such leaves will be provided in accordance with the Ontario Employment Standards Act, 2000.

Contact the Family Care Office for a respective Leave kit.

Sick Leave

Short-Term Sick Leave

Full-time employees who have completed three (3) months of continuous service who are of the type commonly referred to as one-eight plan with a benefit to a maximum 66 2/3% of an employee’s insurable earnings under the Unemployment Insurance Act and Regulations shall be entitled to a maximum paid sick leave benefit of 15 weeks duration.

Full-time employees who have completed one year of continuous service shall be entitled to sick leave allowance subject to the following provisions:

  • All cases of sickness must be reported within a period of three (3) hours prior to the scheduled reporting time, except for employees scheduled to work the morning shift who must provide one (1) hour’s notice.
  • Allowance for sick pay shall commence after the second consecutive day of illness and shall be paid for scheduled days only or days for which an employee would have been scheduled had they not been ill.
  • Employee must provide a doctor’s certificate confirming the sickness and expected duration of absence from work.
  • Sick pay allowance shall be an amount equal to the normal daily hours of the employee concerned multiplied by their basic hourly rate.
  • Sick leave allowance shall not be paid for an illness that commences or an accident that occurs during an employee’s vacation.
  • Sick pay shall not apply to any day for which an employee receives compensation under the Short-Term Disability Plan.

Bereavement Leave

Employees with more than six (6) months of continuous service will be granted up to three (3) days paid leave for time lost of up to eight (8) hours per day for each regularly scheduled work day that occurs within such three (3) day period in the event of the death of a:

  • spouse
  • partner
  • child
  • parent
  • brother
  • sister
  • mother-in-law
  • father-in-law

Such leave is not to exceed a total of six (6) working days in any year.

In the event of a death of an employee’s brother-in-law, sister-in-law, grandparent or grandchild, an employee shall receive two (2) days leave of absence and shall be paid for time lost up to a maximum of eight (8) hours per day.

Paid Leaves

An employee who is called for jury duty will be reimbursed for the difference between jury duty fees and the wage they would otherwise have received for the actual time they are necessarily required to be absent from work, such compensation will not exceed eight hours per day or forty (40) hours per week.

Unpaid Leaves of Absence

Employees who are appointed a full-time union representative will be granted an unpaid leave of absence for a period of up to one (1) year.